The Netherlands has one of the most internationally focused, highly educated, motivated and multilingual workforces in the world, and the demand for highly skilled workers remains high.

Citizens from the European Union (EU), European Economic Area (EEA – EU plus Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway) or Switzerland do not need residence permits or work permits. For Non EU Nationals, The Netherlands offers different types of permits for working and residing in the Netherlands, such as the highly skilled migrant permit or the general work permit.

When you are a Non EU National, and you have found your new professional challenge through Magno IT in the Netherlands, then Magno IT will assist you in the application of a valid Dutch work permit.

Depending on your situation, Magno IT will advise you on the applicable permit, necessary documentation and correct procedure to apply for your permit. We can also support the application of a visa for your spouse and/or children, should they be coming to the Netherlands with you.

When you are a Non EU National and you already have a valid work permit, then Magno IT will support the application of an extension of your work permit, or a transfer to your new employer.

For more information on working in The Netherlands as a Non EU National, please contact our team, or visit the website of the Dutch immigration office on:

Please note: A European Bluecard for one of the other EU countries will allow you to travel, but does not allow you to work in the Netherlands. You will still have to apply for a valid work permit.

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