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Maximise shot at JOB interview!
Maximise shot at JOB interview!

Want to get NOTICED by HIRING MANAGERS? Get that INTERVIEW invitation?

Add a concise MOTIVATION:

  • Describe your relevant experience to each requirement in the job post. Is the list of requirements a page long? Focus on the must have requirements.
  • Add a skill matrix, covering specifically the requirements mentioned in the job post. This is an easy way to highlight your relevant experience and your application reviewer will appreciate the overview.
  • Anticipate their objections. For instance: I am willing to relocate closer to the office location if required.
  • Last but not least, take some time to say why you are looking for a new role and why you choose to apply to this vacancy

I know, it takes a bit more time. It’s worth it though!

Good luck with finding the right job for you. Its out there!

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Posted on maandag 30 november 2020
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