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The VISA application process
The VISA application process

At Magno, we work with a lot of international talent. In order to get them a role at Dutch companies we help them with their visa application. Our colleague Dimitra explains how she does this:

A highly skilled migrant or knowledge migrant is a migrant who comes to the Netherlands on an employment contract and who meets a certain income requirement. This is € 3.381 standard gross amount per month if he/she is younger than 30 years; and € 4.612 if he/she is older than 30 years.

Since the professional has a purpose to stay for more than 90 days, a regular provisional residence permit (mvv) needs to be obtained by means of the Entrance and Residence procedure (TEV).

In order to proceed with the above, the professional provides us with the necessary forms and information which are discussed and sent through an email where the start of his/her employment is confirmed. Some examples of these:

  • Antecedents certificate form filled in and signed where the professional declares a series of statements regarding not committing a crime or sharing incorrect data.
  • Marital status of the professional
  • Copies of all stamped pages of the professional’s passport

Magno IT Recruitment is a recognized sponsor with the Immigration and Naturalisation Office (IND) and as such we make use of their Business portal. Here, an online application is submitted accompanied with the additional documents.

After the application has been submitted, a confirmation receipt is sent to us. It usually takes approximately 90 days for the IND to reach a decision but note that the above varies based on each personal case.

As soon as the positive decision is reached, the regular provisional residence permit (mvv) is collected at the Dutch representation where the knowledge migrant is staying at the moment.  The knowledge migrant has 3 months to collect the mvv in his/her passport through an online appointment.

The Dutch representative during the appointment with the highly skilled migrant usually takes the biometrics information (fingerprints and a picture of the knowledge migrant). These are sent over to the Immigration office in the Netherlands where the residence permit card will be produced.

After the mvv is placed in the professional’s passport then he/she can travel to the Netherlands.

Finally, when the knowledge migrant professional arrives in the Netherlands,  we book an online appointment in order to receive his/her residence permit card (Verblijfstitel in Dutch).

Posted on donderdag 19 november 2020
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