When considering moving to the Netherlands from abroad, it is good to obtain some knowledge about
the cost of living in the Netherlands.
These days the Netherlands is considered one of the more expensive European countries to live in. The
Netherlands performs high when viewing the general well-being and ranks above average for aspects
such as work-life balance, education, environmental quality, housing, public transportation and general
life satisfaction.
The cost of living in major cities or the so-called “Randstad” area is typically higher than other regions.
Amsterdam is considered the most expensive area to live followed by cities such as The Hague,
Rotterdam and Utrecht.

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The following is a summary of the basic cost of living that could be taken into account when living the Netherlands (based on average prices in Amsterdam):

Accommodation (monthly rent excluding municipal taxes)Prices
Shared accommodation+/-  € 950
Studio+/-  € 1,200 – € 1,500
Apartment 1 bedroom +/-  € 1,500- € 2,000
Apartment 2 bedroom or more+/- € 2,000 – € 2,800
Utilities (electricity, gas, water) average for 2 people household+/-  € 180 – 350
Health Insurance (compulsory)Prices
Health insurance+/-  € 130

The cost of health insurance that we have shared above is the basic coverage offered. This basic insurance covers general medical care (visits to the general practitioner, for example), hospital stays, dental care up to the age of 18, prescription medicine and various appliances. 

Since 2011 there is a compulsory excess on medical bills also known as “verplicht eigen risico” for care not covered under the general health package. In 2019 that excess was set to € 385 per person per year and this is still valid in 2024. You can choose a higher “eigen risico” or own risk amount, in which case your monthly premium will be lower. For more information on this topic, visit:

Public transportationPrices
Inner city tram/bus trip (one way+/- € 2.50 for 1 hour+/- € 13 for 1 day (24 hours)
Taxi+/- € 4.02 starting rate+/- € 2.96 max rate per km

Travelling with the OV chipcard or using your debit card can work out cheaper than buying tickets at the driver or desk. The OV chipcard or your debit card can be used to check in and out of the tram, bus or train and has the option to add discounted subscriptions. 

For more information related to the OV-chipcard please visit:

Apply for personal OV-chipkaart –

Alternatively, for using your debit card for public transportation please visit:

How it works –

Internet, television & phonePrices
Combined contract (internet & television)+/- € 40 – € 80 per month
Mobile phone subscription +/- € 20- € 40 per month

Combined internet & television contracts can vary in price depending on the type of subscription, speed of the internet and other preferences you may have. Mobile phone subscriptions also vary depending on the type of package you opt for and the price of the phone itself, which you pay off alongside your monthly subscription. For further information on regular phone subscriptions and some other price lists of miscellaneous costs when living in the Netherlands please visit: Cost of Living Amsterdam – Price Listing (2024) –

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