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Andrew about Magno IT
Andrew about Magno IT

My name is Andrew Visser and I have been here in the Netherlands for the last few years. I am originally from Connecticut (a small state in New England, geographically bordering New York), where I spent all my life until shortly after attaining my Bachelor in Human Resources Management from Eastern Connecticut State University.

I moved to the Netherlands to further my education, where I studied at Hanzehogeschool Groningen in order to earn a Master in Interdisciplinary Business, and decided to pursue work in the Netherlands thereafter. Along my search for employment, Magno IT entered the picture and I felt I fit right in with such a welcoming, encouraging, and human-focused team! I look forward to the future with this crew of amazing colleagues!

As for my time away from the office, I enjoy long walks around the city (or the trails when I am in the US), philosophical debates amongst friends, spending time with my family, listening to a diverse array of music, and trying my hand at various new opportunities that come my way. Seeing the world move in to 2022, I am hoping for things to return to normalcy, especially in order to travel, socialize, and return to other activities!

Posted on donderdag 20 januari 2022
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