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How to find a job during COVID?
How to find a job during COVID?

Vaccinations are (almost) ready, but Covid will be here for a little while longer. How will you
increase your chances of finding a job in these times? Here are some practical tips, which
can help you in your quest.


  • Try sectors that are still hiring: Education, Healthcare, Digital companies, online retail
    companies are good examples.
  • Many companies list jobs on their own website or on recruitment sites. You can also apply
    through job sites, such as Indeed.
  • You can sign up with a general or specialist recruitment agency.
  • You could advertise your availability and skills on professional networks, such as LinkedIN or
  • Facebook, and ask for shares and likes so that many prospective employers can have an
    opportunity to reach out.


  • Complete your online (LinkedIN) profile and be sure to mention your skills and not just your
    job title. Display your technical (e.g.: Excel) and soft skills (e.g.: I tutored an intern in my
    team). Recruiters often search for people based on a list of desired skills, so this will make
    you more visible.
  • Be sure to go to your LinkedIN profile and select the option to show recruiters you’re open
    to work – you control who sees this.
  • We also advise you to adjust your settings in LinkedIN. It has a section called ‘job seeking
    preferences’, which give your profile great visibility if you like to specify companies of
  • Inform your personal network of your availability and remind them of your skills.
    Intercompany referrals are a great way to stand out.
  • Call as a follow-up to your application within three days of applying. Even sooner if you
    have applied to a freelance role. This demonstrates commitment and pro-activity from your
    side, which is valued in most roles. Plus, your application is less likely to be overlooked.
  • In your application, clearly demonstrate your experience and achievements in relation to
    the job requirements. If you are missing some requirements, then share similar experience
    and / or your willingness to learn new skills. Always try to support such claims with an
    example of a past achievement.
Posted on donderdag 17 december 2020
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