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Magno IT Recruitment as an Employment Agency
Magno IT Recruitment as an Employment Agency

As employment agency we employ a fast growing number of IT professionals. The position of “temporary agency worker” is attractive for different reasons. We name a few.

  1. For independent professionals:
    • Some of our clients do not wish to consider independent professionals for the roles they have available.
    • Many of our clients apply a payment term of 30+ of even 60 days, but our agency workers are paid within 15 days.
    • Most of our projects are long term projects, but there is always an end to it. In between projects the agency workers benefits from social security.
    • When you come from abroad and you plan to stay in The Netherlands for a long time, you have to choose at the start: continue with your foreign one-man-company or become an agency worker and benefit from the 30% tax ruling.
  2. For employed professionals:
    • Among employed professionals the agency worker enjoys the highest net income.
    • Due to a change of law (WAB, 2020) some of our clients do no longer wish to consider professionals employed by so-called payroll companies.
    • For EU-professionals we arrange the 30% tax ruling for you, if you are eligible to it.
    • For Non-EU-professionals we arrange your visa and your 30% tax ruling.

Are you considering to accept projects as a temporary agency worker and are you looking for more information? Feel free to reach out to our onboarding specialists @dimitra @gerard @lara.

Do you wish to use a one-man company or another type of work relationship? This is also perfectly fine.

We look forward to working with you!

Posted on dinsdag 6 oktober 2020
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