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Debby de Groot
Founder and CEO

At the time of co-founding Magno IT, all my experience was in recruitment and sales. I had little knowledge of subjects like finance management, quality control, infrastructure and contract management. I was so lucky to start Magno IT with two of my close family members Gerard and Lara. The three of us together formed (almost) the complete package.

Looking back, Magno IT and my responsibilities in it have gone through a huge development. In the beginning, it was all about establishing those first contacts with customers and candidates and in setting up the infrastructure to provide good services. It was a hectic and fun time, especially when demand from customers started to increase.

Within two years we started expanding the Magno IT family company with new talents, of whom Meisha and Manon are still with us today. Developing leadership came into play, which was and still is my biggest challenge.

After years of juggling many different responsibilities simultaneously, I am now mostly focussed on defining and managing short- and long term strategy within our company. This year, for instance, we have become an employment agency (no longer using external payroll services), we are implementing a quality management system called ‘Scienta’, going up for ISO-9001 certification soon and we plan to open new offices in Poland and Belgium.

The fact that Magno IT is always improving and expanding services, is part of what makes it an exciting place of work. Especially when our customers contact us to explore new business opportunities together, as a token of their appreciation. There is nothing more rewarding.

Posted on donderdag 25 juni 2020
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