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Staying in shape from home
Staying in shape from home

Author: Jip Jonker
Author: Jip Jonker
Recruiter at Magno IT

Through the years many offices have improved the way their employees work behind their desks. We have ergonomic seats, screens and mousepads, the vending machine stuffed with Snickers is replaced by a tray with fruit and we do a daily walk around the (very green) neighbourhood. While typing this from my small desk, uncomfortable chair and busy city noises outside I am almost wishing that I was back at the office.

We at Magno are quite an active bunch. Throughout the week we hear colleagues talking about all kinds of sports that they do; running, boxing, curling, rugby, dancing etc. Like the social beings we are, we used to do that in big groups at clubs, gyms and other busy venues. Since some of these are still some time away from opening, we have all switched to at-home alternatives.

Since people often do not have all the equipment of a gym available at their homes, here are some alternatives you can do from the comfort of your own home:

Calisthenics is a form of exercise where you do a lot of different movements that uses the mail muscle groups. It has a lot of repetition in it and it uses minimal equipment. This example takes you five minutes. It seems short, but after a few minutes you are wishing you never left the comfort of your desk!

Dance workout:
Staying healthy ánd getting your groove on? A dance workout is just the thing for you then! This is a 15 minute workout which you can do in front of the telly. It is for beginners but a great way to have a cardio exercise and working on the moves!

Running is a great way to vent after a busy workday. It helps you take your mind off of things and can improve on greatly (if you do it regularly). A few things to take into account when you start with running:

  • Start running short intervals. Do not start off with a 10k on your first attempt. See how far you can get without slowing down. Try to add a bit every time!
  • Start off easy, do not run too fast. This will also improve over time but starting off to hard you will likely injure yourself.
  • Get some good kicks! The right footwear does wonders for your ankles and knees.

I hope you find these tips useful!

Posted on woensdag 27 mei 2020
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