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Mariami about Magno IT
Mariami about Magno IT

Mariami Krijnen / Recruiter

My name is Mariami. I am a second-year international business student at Hogeschool Utrecht and have just started an exciting chapter of my life as an intern at Magno-IT. I love people and the moment I saw a vacancy for an HR intern at Magno-IT, I knew I would fit right in. This company is full of supportive and encouraging people, and I know that once my internship will be over, I’ll have an abundance of experience.
Also, I was born and raised in Georgia and moved to my second home, The Netherlands, in 2018. I love spending time with family, cycling, reading books, working out, enjoying museums, meeting up with friends, and cooking for people. Further, my goal in life is to travel to many places, meet new people and leave a positive mark on this world.

Posted on dinsdag 23 maart 2021
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