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Expat children
Expat children

An international playground

Becoming an expat is a decision to make with your whole family. We previously discussed some of the implications for spouses. But what about your children?

Although it is a big journey with a lot of educational experiences, you ask your child to leave everything behind and adapt to a new environment. Luckily, children generally show great adaptability and can adjust to new surroundings rather quickly.

With the help of international schools you help your kid get acquainted to the culture of the Netherlands. Another big benefit is that they also learn of the many cultures of the kids also attending the school. And for the parents it is a great opportunity to get to know the other expats who live in the area and see how they fare.

Here is a handy overview of international schools in the Netherlands:

There are a lot of things you can do to make the switch easier for your kids. Help your kids make friends by creating social activities, keep having ‘family time’ and learn together. Why don’t you take language lessons together?

The general advice is keeping them involved! Discuss what you are planning to do, ask for their opinion and start the new chapter in your life together.

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Posted on vrijdag 18 september 2020
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